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Technically Intuitive is Helping Business Owners to Change the World using
Technically Intuitive is Helping Business Owners to Change the World using
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Celebrating Women’s History Month and Advocating for EDI

March is Women’s History Month. For decades, this event has been about “commemorating and encour...

April 11, 2024
DEI Training and How It Can Benefit Your Company Culture

In today’s business world, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training has become vital. It is ...

April 11, 2024
Black History Month: Remembering the Cotton Club Performers

Black History Month celebrates the many important contributions that African Americans have made to ...

April 11, 2024
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Why I am Grateful to Be a Coach

In 2014, I was introduced to the world of coaching through a friend. He told me that what I do for m...

December 8, 2021
What I Would Like To See In The Future For The Coaching Arena

I have been a certified coach since 2014. I took a six-month program to make sure I knew the process...

November 10, 2021
Sales Ideas for Heart-Centered Coaches

Sales are an important part of entrepreneurship, it is what makes your business a business and not j...

October 13, 2021
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